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Infrared thermal imaging AR helmet

A helmet with infrared thermal imaging camera and AR screen for quick detection of public health risks.

We are introducing the latest technology to fight with Coronavirus. This AR enhanced helmet will help any public security unit to quickly identify potential risk from crowds, especially for patrol units in airport, station, hospital or business complex.

AR helmet N901

The helmet is equipped with a high resolution infrared themal imaging camera, and integrated AR screen on the front shield.


  • Aviation helmet material(light as 1135grams);
  • Real-time temperature detecting(milliseconds);
  • Face recognition and identity verification(only available with AI version and public database access required);
  • Effective distance 7meters;
  • AR screen, experience similar to watch 74 inch TV from 3 meters


  • Thermal resolution 384 x 288;
  • Response band 8μm-14μm;
  • Temperature accuracy +-0.3°C at 2m distance;
  • 24hours standby, 8hours working, 5000mah battery
  • Connectivity, 4G with fallback, Wifi;
  • Location, GPS/Glonass/Beidou
  • Bluetooth, 4.2


  • MOQ, 1 unit;
  • Leadtime, 7 days before delivery;
  • Price, please contact us;
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