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Disposable face masks – flat type

Flat type disposable face mask, high spec with BFE>=95%


Please note this is a non-medical face mask, it is neither medical nor surgical, do not use in any medical environment;

This mask is not controlled under any medical regulations during export and import.

The most common disposable face masks, flat type with ear loops. Recommended for daily use.

Front and Rear side
Sales box with 50pcs


  • Structure, 3 layers, Non-woven fabric for internal and external layers, meltblown cloth for middle layer
  • Certificates, CE, CNAS
  • Standard, EN14683; GB32610
  • Classification, FFP2 in EN
  • Bactria filtering efficiency(BFE), >=95%
  • Size, 175*95mm
Beware of the inadequate facemasks with non-woven fabric as middle layer(left picture), which is non effective to filtering.


  • MOQ, 10,000pcs per order;
  • Leadtime, 3 days before delivery for any order less than 100,000pcs;
  • Supply capability, consolidated sources from more than 5 verified suppliers, combined capability of at least 400,000pcs supply per day
  • Price, please contact us;
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