Supply Chain Optimizer

About Us

Right from the start

Suppliers are critical to any business in the world, a right supplier is one of the most important factors to make a business productive and profitable.

Since 2008, GES(General Equipment & Supplies Ltd) has been working to help on establishing, managing and optimizing the international supply chain for business worldwide. We have been servicing a wide range of industries, working with our customers to meet every business objectives.

General Approach

We immerse our expertise into your business, and prepare to be involved in most activities related to your supply chain management.

  • Establish supply chain network from scratch;
  • Verify suppliers from published compliance to actual production capability;
  • Implement quality control plan to achieve production consistence;
  • Coordinate with different logistic partners to make deliveries in time;
  • Setup project timeline with customers to meet the demand from each project phase;
  • Discover potential risks from progress and raise investigation with alert to customer;
  • Extend the possibilities to develop better product based on customer demand; 

Supply chain optimizer

It might be easy to find a supplier and make a purchase, but for a sustainable business, we need a supply chain network. A network that can

  • ensure stable performance;
  • fix problems when they come;
  • prevent to spend money on unnecessary expense;
  • wisely spend money on necessary improvement;
  • upgrade with new technologies and innovations;

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